Visual Art Curriculum Map:

Documenting the work of teaching artists in Port Townsend’s schools became a priority as long time teaching artists left PT Artscape and other teaching artists joined the program. It became clear that a viable means to transfer valuable knowledge and history in arts teaching within Port Townsend’s schools needed to be created.

Since the core academic content at each grade level has often remained consistent, these arts integrated lessons--thoughtfully designed by teaching artists in collaboration with teachers along the way--are treasures that have the potential to serve as resources indefinitely.

The Curriculum map is grounded in our Washington State Arts learning Standards. It is also adapted from a curriculum document used by the Port Townsend School District in the past. It’s content is also shaped to accommodate and document past and future art lessons created by PT Artscape’s visual artists. The curriculum map grid reflects basic visual art elements. Concepts or skills are organized developmentally and sequentially by grade level.

It is designed with the intent of providing an accessible resource to teachers and artists anywhere. It has also proven to be an instructional tool for new artists in the program since it provides examples of lesson plans as prototypes in a form that teaching artists can readily access and study.




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Theater Process

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