PT Artscape

PT Artscape is in its thirteenth year of providing visual and dramatic arts in the Port Townsend Public Schools, grades K-12. Consortium programs integrate the arts into the regular classrooms, help teachers enhance their curriculum through the arts, expand student access to and experience with the arts, and provide instruction and mentoring to artists who wish to teach their art. Over the years, program offerings have evolved with the changing and increasing interest and engagement of teachers. The Port Townsend School District is the lead agency for the Consortium activities which are funded through a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission. Students benefiting from 2004-2005 Consortium activities, 1,200, educators, 38.

Kids Art

"At a basic level, the grant reinforces the concept that the arts are an important part of the daily curriculum; even when trying to cover all grade level expectations for WASL performance. Our kids get the benefits of working with professionals; those with skills beyond what we find even in our talented teachers. The continued opportunity to work alongside professional artists who have committed to working with children helps teachers to gain skills they can use again and again".

- Principal Frank Brou, former Mountain View Elementary