Since 1998, PT Artscape has been providing visual and dramatic arts in the Port Townsend Public Schools, grades K-12.

Consortium programs integrate the arts into the regular classrooms, help teachers enhance their curriculum through the arts, expand student access to and experience with the arts, and provide instruction and mentoring to artists who wish to teach their art. Over the years, program offerings have evolved with the changing and increasing interest and engagement of teachers. The Port Townsend School District is the lead agency for the Consortium activities which are funded through a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.

Click HERE to view videos of one of our teaching artists, Jesse Watson, art technique lessons.

The Arts and Port Townsend’s Maritime Discovery Schools Initiative
to see how learning in the arts can foster a sense of place for students in our historic working seaport.

Wearable Art Show 2018
Port Townsend High School
Margie McDonald
Artist Teacher


In the fall of 1998, a group of interested teachers, school administrators, and community members came together to apply for a grant from WSAC that offered funding for arts in the public schools. Visual arts, music, and drama were offered as electives only in grades 7-12. Limited levy funding supported one-shot arts activities in the elementary grades on a monthly basis. There was not a climate of collaboration between the arts specialists and classroom teachers, and arts lessons were not integrated into the curriculum.

Margie McDonald Teaching artist visits the Fifth grade and teaches Calder inspired sculptural lesson.

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